The challenges

Take part now answering challenges posed by large companies!

Obremo is a company specialized in installation and field services with more than 1000 employees. Mainly in the telecommunications and energy areas. We belong to the Gimeno Group with more than 6000 employees and focused in the water and IoT technologies.

We are looking to:

EIOS – Energy Investments Optimization System

Due to the current high energy costs, large industries with energy-intensive requirements consider critical the new investment in renewable energy and energy optimization to generate energy savings. We plan to provide a new service to our industrial clients to advise them on their investment plan. We look for technologies that analyze information and propose the best solutions considering different energies like Photovoltaic, aerothermal, wind, biomass or biogas depending on company and other factors (consumptions, storaqe….) It could be extended to residential, public or private multi-site entities.

Skills and competencies

We are looking for collaborations with technology companies or start-ups that have experience and have developed projects framed with analysis of images in this theme.

What status do you want the startup to be in?

We are looking for companies with developments in the market, not in development.

In which fields are you looking for startup for solutions?

Energy, Digitalization..

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