The challenges

Take part now answering challenges posed by large companies!

Obremo is a company specialized in installation and field services with more than 1000 employees. Mainly in the telecommunications and energy areas. We belong to the Gimeno Group with more than 6000 employees and focused in the water and IoT technologies.

We are looking to:

Energy efficiency simulator for vehicle fleet

We are managing more than 700 vehicles nationwide. All of them are GPS-located with Sherlog-devices and we receive all kind of reports regarding their routes, stand-by times, consumption, speed-limits breaks, etc. We need to analyze all the vehicles routes and identify the best mix of mobility solutions in each zone to reduce the costs (% of electrical vehicles, % of GLP vehicles, % of diesel vehicles). The proposal must be a global response, including solutions for recharging and refueling logistics.

Skills and competencies

Strong competencies in big-data management, experience working with big vehicle fleet, especially with fleets of vehicles that consume green energy. Iniciative, proactivity, autonomy are also very valuable skills.

What status do you want the startup to be in?

We don´t mind the geographical origin but we need an experienced working team (at least 2 years with similar tasks)

In which fields are you looking for startup for solutions?

Fleet analysis, process improvement, knowledge in all kind of mobility solutions and energy efficiency applied to vehicle fleets

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