The challenges

Take part now answering challenges posed by large companies!

Hidraqua is a company in the water and environment sector that develops its activity (collection, purification, distribution, purification and reuse) by concession or joint ventures, in 79 municipalities of the Valencian Community since 1971. Dinapsis is our network of operational and digital innovation hubs. They are focus on three main areas: -Water management -Sustainable Cities -Circular Economy

We are looking to:

Energy Transition (Decarbonization and Circular Economy)

-High and volatile energy prices -Efficiency on energy demanding processes (Waste water treatment, pressurized networks, etc.) -Real-time consumption monitoring on multiple and geographical dispersed points. -Decarbonization -Circular economy: connection and exchanges among industries, utilities and cities

Skills and competencies

-Differential or innovative technology -Collaborative mindset -Previous experience on building B2B relations & agreements

What status do you want the startup to be in?

We prefer projects or technology to be tested from TRL > = 7 We do not have any kind of geographical restriction, as far as we are already collaboration with startups from all over the world (including Japan, Australia, etc.). However, this is much easier in the case of fully digital projects.

In which fields are you looking for startup for solutions?

-Predictive models -IoT monitoring -Circular economy -Energy storage -Energy communities

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