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Opentop is the innovation hub of Valenciaport, led by Fundacion Valenciaport, which seeks to become a world leader in open innovation in the port logistics sector, promoting the creation and growth of innovative technology companies. Fundación Valenciaport is a centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Training, serving the port logistics cluster. It is an initiative of the Port Authority of Valencia, bringing together key companies, universities and institutions in the port community. Since its creation, it has developed projects in more than sixty countries, mainly in the Mediterranean, the rest of Europe, Asia and Latin America. Among its many activities, the following stand out: •Fostering innovation, by promoting the design, implementation and execution of R&D&I projects in the port logistics sector, aimed at improving the competitiveness of companies and institutions in the sector. •Knowledge management initiatives, offering specialized, high-value-added training for the continuous improvement of the human capital of the port logistics community. •Policy of active cooperation with other port communities around the world, by means of technical assistance initiatives and support for Spanish logistics operators in their internationalization processes. Raising the international profile of the Port of Valencia’s know-how. •Market intelligence service for developing indexes, databases and reports of strategic interest for the sector. •Structuring the port logistics community, fostering cooperation within the sector, while reaching out to and engaging in dialogue with the general public, all within the framework of a collective social responsibility strategy. To achieve its objectives and to effectively support the port community, Fundación Valenciaport is integrated by highly-skilled staff that are specialized in port topics and port training. Among others, its staff is composed of naval engineers, industrial engineers, IT experts, experts in logistics, economists, and holders of degrees in environmental science, experts in financial management and in port training. In total, more than 50 professionals work in close collaboration to develop, improve and share the know-how and expertise of Fundación Valenciaport.

We are looking to:

Real-time visualization alert system for meteorological prediction

Valenciaport is equipped with two predictive systems for meteorology and oceanography. One of them is framed at the SAMOA project (Meteorological & oceanographic support system of the Port Authority), which depicts a meteorological prediction of 3 days. In the case of Valenciaport, the deployed SAMOA module regards the wind variable. The second one is based on the AEMET predictive system, which predicts diverse meteorological variables each 6h. Nevertheless, there is no real-time alert system for the port of Valencia that prevents and notifies that, due to some meteorological event, a determined operational limit is going to be exceeded. The anticipation to a meteorological event with negative consequences on the port operations is key to diminish the risk and associated problems (for instance, stops on operations), leading to economic, social, and environmental gains. The above-mentioned alert system will entail an improvement in the prediction of risks in port operations associated to intense and extreme meteorological events. It will also improve the efficiency of the response, decrease the risks, and even reinforce the resources to this type of emergencies. It will foster better decision-making of the Port Authority in case of climatic emergencies, which will position the port strategically to face worse climate change scenarios. A plus would be the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI), using a predictive learning algorithm, into the system based on historical data and events. The objective of AI will be the creation of meteorological patterns for future forecast and the display of alerts before the possible events happen. Including this technology, the alert system would depict present and future information, which is of highly relevance to take decisions in advance in order to avoid damages and save costs in port operations.

Skills and competencies

The profile of the solution provider should be a digital & innovation expert, with experience on the field of meteorology and oceanography. They should be able to create, implement and integrate ad-hoc technology for Valenciaport. The solution provider should have already developed a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with functionalities related to creation of alerts for meteorological and oceanographic purposes. They should be able to integrate different meteorological and oceanographic database into a platform, and display historic, temporal, and real-time data. Therefore, the platform must be interoperable to be integrated with different IoT systems of the port. Encryption of the platform and the GUI must be secured, providing data integrity and different security levels. Experience in implementing this kind of technology in other ports would be desirable.

What status do you want the startup to be in?

TRL 6-9 European geographical restriction.

In which fields are you looking for startup for solutions?

Digital startups, IT teams, data analysis start-ups, interdisciplinary teams with digital and meteorological experts.

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