The challenges

Take part now answering challenges posed by large companies!

EIFFAGE Energía is a large company specialized in electrical infrastructures, installations, maintenance, renewable energies, civil works and construction, electromedicine, control and automation with more than 50 branches and a workforce of more than 4,100 employees. It also has 8 subsidiaries, four international and four based in Spain.

We are looking to:

Sustainability Comparative Software solution for equipment and materials classification in studies.

Classifying activities and products depending on their sustainability is increasingly a complex and difficult task. Clients needs simple information about how sustainable the products and services they buy are and this aim needs the analysis of huge information and a vast variety of data-sources. In this sense, a software solution is required in order to compare in a quick and easy way different alternatives for a common purpose in terms of sustainability in all its related areas (water use, carbon emissions, recyclability…).

Skills and competencies

Software developers related to purchasing departments and sustainability criteria of products and materials. EIFFAGE Energía will support low-carbon solutions designers that meet their challenges requirements in implementing them on a large scale by including them in future tenders. Have a look at our website for more information about our activity and reference clients:

What status do you want the startup to be in?

We need solutions in TRL 6-7 so the technology can be validated in an operating environment. There’s no geographical restriction.

In which fields are you looking for startup for solutions?

•Renewable energy field •Construction

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