CleanConnectVLC, a program promoted by València Activa and AVAESEN, presents its results in Málaga

  • Next2sun, Focus360, Ecoccar, Abervian, BeChained and Therminer were the startups selected to come up with innovative solutions.
  • The corporations ETRA, EIFFAGE ENERGÍA, SUEZ (HIDRAQUA and DINAPSIS), GRUPO GIMENO (Obremo and IOTSENS) and GRUPO ZARAGOZÁ have set the challenges in this first edition.
  • CleanConneclVLC, led by AVAESEN and València Activa, is one of the first global initiatives to connect València with startups around the world.

The first edition of the CleanConnectVLC program has presented its results at the 2nd Global StartupCities Summit in Malaga. The initiative promoted by the City of Valencia, through València Activa and AVAESEN, under the umbrella of StartupCity València, aims to position the city of Valencia as European capital of Cleantech entrepreneurship.

The challenging corporations in this first edition of the CleanConnect VLC program have been ETRA, EIFFAGE ENERGÍA, SUEZ (HIDRAQUA and DINAPSIS), GRUPO GIMENO (Obremo and IOTSENS) and GRUPO ZARAGOZÁ. The selected startups were Abervian, Therminer, Next2sun, Focus360, Ecoccar, BeChained and Therminer.

The presentation of the project in Malaga has served to raise international awareness of this success story to connect corporations and startups as a tool for innovation. «CleanConneclVLC is one of the first global initiatives that aims to connect cities around the world in different specialized areas», according to Pilar Bernabé, head of the Innovative Development Area of Economic Sectors.

For its part, AVAESEN dynamizes the energy and clean technologies sector being the link between business, R&D, government and funding «generating an innovative ecosystem in Smart city, where we join municipalities with companies, identify challenges, provide solutions and provide funding alternatives,» says Mariola Guarinos, Project Manager of the association.

Co-creation of solutions to challenges

The challenging companies and the startups chosen in the CleanConnectVLC program work to co-create solutions to the challenges presented, with the aim of finding an innovative solution. Representing all of them in this first edition, SUEZ, GRUPO GIMENO and OBREMO, as well as the startups Abervian and Therminer, participated in the presentation of Malaga.

Firstly, one of the challenges posed by Obremo and Grupo Gimeno consisted of the search for a new «intelligent energy management» system in both public and private networks. The finalists for this occasion have been the startups Abervian, specialized in developing products and services related to electric mobility and energy for companies, and BeChained, a solution to energy peaks, to help balance the web and reduce the carbon footprint of companies and consumers by installing consumption optimization equipment.

On the other hand, the SUEZ group, through HIDRAQUA and the DINAPSIS innovation center, has launched a challenge to startups with technologies that can optimize water consumption in municipalities. The selected in this challenge has been Therminer, startup dedicated to combat the polluting energy produced by data technology and blockchain, which will work to apply new tools to monitor water quality, among others, will manage to find the right solution.

Meanwhile, Next2sun, a German startup focused on providing the market with a new solar electricity production system using special solar modules (bifacial) that take advantage of solar radiation from both sides, has been chosen by the Zaragozá Group, which was looking for solutions for cleaning photovoltaic modules. The Valencian company, expert in the integration of photovoltaic plants with agricultural crops, launched the challenge of reducing water consumption by means of hybridization systems with batteries or different renewable technologies in the cleaning process.

Focus360, a business management app for freelancers and SMEs dedicated to organizing and planning work, collections, expenses and income from a single place, together with Ecoccar, a shared mobility and fleet management platform, have been chosen to respond to the challenge of Obremo, from the Gimeno Group, which sought help in the design of technology to detect problems and failures in delocalized infrastructures.

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This initiative is carried out under the umbrella of StartupCity València, managed by València Activa. StartupCity València is a pioneering initiative based on a new economic model called StartupCities, the new innovation ecosystems leaders in different economic sectors, as in the case of Cleantech for València.

Finally, it should be noted that StartupCities will be the first cities to be climate neutral before 2030 thanks to actions such as the Climate iArea. StartupCity València leads this sector through open collaboration with other new innovation ecosystems, sharing infrastructures, accelerating disruptive startup innovations in climate mitigation, circular economy, smart mobility or zero pollution, among others.

Bottom-up #EiA – European innovation Area

Clean Connect VLC, a program driven by València Activa and AVAESEN, is part of the public-private Global StartupCities initiative within the pioneering bottom-up program #EiA – European innovation Area.

The #EiA is a geo-economic movement to support global entrepreneurs and innovators with the European Union as their ground zero and build the largest global public-private consortium with an Innovation Agenda driven by local innovation ecosystems: cities, towns and remote areas, among others.

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