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Obremo is a company specialized in installation and field services with more than 1000 employees. Mainly in the telecommunications and energy areas.

We belong to the Gimeno Group with more than 5000 employees and focused in the water and IoT technologies.

We invest in quality and training to maintain and improve our know-how by aligning it with new technologies. To this end, we have obtained the quality certifications that accredit us as a reliable company committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

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We are looking for...

Delocalized infrastructures study solutions

We work with different types of delocalized infrastructures such as water-energy-gas networks and photovoltaic networks, among others.

We are currently studying technologies to detect problems and failures in this type of infrastructures.

Therefore, we are looking for that Startup that can help us to develop our study effectively.

We are looking for a Startup with any experience in the development of infrastructure supervision in the infrastructure defined. The technologies of supervision in which we have though are drones, satelital image technology or similar solutions.  


Experienced working team (at least 2 years with similar tasks)

No geographical restriction


  • Drones
  • Satelital image technologies
  • Modelling or similar technologies developed to monitor and detect faults in the infrastructure monitored
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