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ETRA is a global technology player, Centre of Excellence for Smart Cities thanks to its intense activity in R&D and innovation in Smart technologies. Its mission is to provide society with the most advanced solutions in mobility, lighting, energy, security and communications.

ETRA expertly combines the Smart City technological model with specific solutions that tangibly improve the quality of life of citizens and the efficiency in the use of resources -human, material, environmental– by urban services managers, be them public or private.

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Micro eolic portable plants solutions

Our challenge is to design a new model of micro eolic generation portable plants, formed by a set of air generators. The mechanical and ergonomic design of the structures to support them in an optimum way (space, material, weight), is one of the issues to be addressed.

The other issue is related to the use of advanced technologies and simulation to modelling and design the plant configuration depending on its location and purpose.

Our needs are related with mechanic design for the structures, and advanced technologies for the modelling of the installation and the energy that can be produced in a collaborative way by a set of microgenerators.

The solution providers must have previous experience in similar projects, and skills on engineering and/or climate modelling (specially wind flows)


The start should have the bigger possible TRL.
Even a provider of an innovative eolic generator will be interesting to know. There can be two different providers.

No geographical restriction


  • Mechanical structures
  • Eolic generation modelling
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