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Eiffage Energía is a large company specialized in electrical infrastructures, installations, maintenance, renewable energies, civil works and construction, electromedicine, control and automation with more than 50 branches and a workforce of more than 3,750 employees. It also has 8 subsidiaries, four international and four based in Spain.

EIFFAGE Energía will support low-carbon solutions designers that meet their challenges requirements in implementing them on a large scale by including them in future tenders.

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We are looking for...

Innovative carbon capture and storage solutions for thermal processes.

With no renewable alternatives available, some high-temperature processes have difficulty being decarbonized.

They need specific modular and scalable solutions to decarbonize their activity through carbon capture and storage.

That is why we are looking for that Startup that can provide innovative carbon capture and storage solutions for thermal processes.

We are looking for the Startup that can help us to improve the viability of these systems.

We need a Startup with carbon capture and storage processes knowledge, mainly based on chemical processes.


TRL 6-7

No geographical restriction


  • Renewable energy field
  • Industrial thermal processes
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