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Hidraqua is a company in the water and environment sector whose work (catchment, drinking water treatment, distribution, wastewater treatment and reuse) has been carried out through concessions and mixed companies in 79 towns in the Community of Valencia since 1971.

Hidraqua created the DINAPSIS innovation center in the city of Benidorm in 2017, from where it deploys benchmark digital solutions for the digital transformation of water management and environmental health in the territories, promoting the development of smart, resilient and green.

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We are looking for...

Solutions for water consumption and quality and circular economy initiatives

We are looking for the Startup that has the most appropriate digital technologies to improve:

  • Optimization of water consumption by municipalities: improved access to information, data-driven decisions and automation.
  • Optimization of water consumption by citizens: real-time information on household water use and application of AI tools to promote responsible consumption.
  • Application of new tools to monitor water quality (water bodies, distribution, reuse): computer vision, virtual sensors, new prediction models.
  • Platforms to promote the collaboration of different actors in circular economy initiatives.

We need open-minded, committed, flexible solutions.


From TRL 3 to 9

No geographical restriction


  • Digitalization
  • Circular economy
  • Cleantech
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