The Challenges

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Zaragoza Group is a group that has grown and adapted to the business opportunities that have arisen.

Nowadays, the group prioritizes the business on the renewable energy market, more specifically to develop, build and maintain photovoltaic plants around Europe, maintaining a sustainable and profitable growth based on the philosophy of service and quality, a strong social commitment and innovative business strategies.

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We are looking for...

Photovoltaic plants integration and agri-voltaic solutions

The best challenge facing the Zaragoza Group is the integration of photovoltaic plants with agricultural crops to offer agri-voltaic solutions, as well as mixed systems and energy storage.

We are looking for Starups to help us find solutions for cleaning PV Modules reducing water consumption through hybridization systems with batteries or different renewable technologies, such as pumped hydro.

We are looking for a start-up that has managed data on photovoltaic solutions that are adapted to agricultural crops, battery storage and mixed systems. Apart from academic background, we need data on real installations, updated costs, specific energy production, water consumptions and maintenance costs depending on the crop.


The start-up should not be in an initial phase, better if it has already developed installations (also as prototypes)

Preferable Europe


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Agronomics
  • Energy accumulation
  • Hybridization systems
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