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Formed by the Digital Transformation area of Grupo Gimeno, its participation in UVAX Concepts and the IoTsens business unit, GiDITEK is the company responsible for boosting technology within the Group, supporting its digitization, and generating and developing new businesses rooted in the digital revolution.

IoTsens, offers scalable and interoperable vertical Internet of Things solutions for collecting, integrating, storing and transferring data that connects the physical world with the digital world, resulting in greater efficiency, accuracy, and economic benefit.

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We are looking for...

Renewable energy sources integration solutions to our devices for sensors

We develop various types of IoT devices for the deployment of smart cities and custom projects and we are concerned about the management of the energy needed for these devices, so we want to avoid the incorporation of lithium batteries and switch the power supply to a renewable energy source. 

We are looking for a Startup to help us integrate a renewable energy source to our devices for sensors that do not have a close electrical connection, so that it stores energy and replaces the batteries we are using now, extending their useful life. This can be through solar, wind, hydroelectric energy, among others.

We are looking for Startups with knowledge in the field of IoT, and in communication networks and IoT devices. Previous work in the development of innovative solutions in terms of renewable energy for the IoT would also be valued.


The project status must be in a state of laboratory testing

We have no preference in terms of geographic location


  • Hardware development
  • Communication networks
  • Renewable energy
  • Power consumption
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