The Challenges

Take part now answering challenges posed by large companies!


Obremo is a company specialized in installation and field services with more than 1000 employees. Mainly in the telecommunications and energy areas.

We belong to the Gimeno Group with more than 5000 employees and focused in the water and IoT technologies.

We invest in quality and training to maintain and improve our know-how by aligning it with new technologies. To this end, we have obtained the quality certifications that accredit us as a reliable company committed to the satisfaction of our customers.

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We are looking for...

Solutions to build a new “smart energy manager”

We are concerned about an intelligent management of the energy produced, considering the new requirements that are appearing in the grids such as distributed energy generation, the possibility of reusing or storing excess production, sharing energy between neighbours (Energy Communities) or selling to others.

Therefore, we are looking for startups to help us identify complete or partial solutions that complement or improve our services and technologies to build together a new «smart energy manager» system in private or public grids, which can adjust production with demand, detect anomalies in energy consumption or production, allow predictive maintenance.

Therefore, we are looking for Startups with strong competencies in big-data management, knowledge of smart-grids, devices & technologies for managing energy and data along the network. Iniciative, proactivity, autonomy are also very valuable skills.


Experienced working team (at least 2 years with similar tasks)

No geographical restriction


  • Software development
  • Process improvement
  • Organizing databases
  • Improving and simplifying reports
  • Predictive maintenance
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