Impact calculation tool for energy efficiency measures

At IoTSens we have, among other products, a Smart Building platform capable of monitoring all kinds of information inside a building (consumption, temperature, humidity...).

One of the objectives of this platform is to help the client make decisions regarding energy efficiency in the building and measure its impact.

To this end, we value in this challenge the incorporation of a module in this platform that allows some (or all) of the following functionalities:

  • Automatic calculation of the carbon footprint from the data collected on the platform.
  • Calculation of the reduction in consumption (and ideally in carbon footprint) derived from a specific measure. The moment of introduction of the measure and the affected area can be parameterised and the consumption will be compared with the theoretical consumption if the measure had not been applied.
  • Modelling of consumption reduction / carbon footprint. Given a change parameterised by the user in one or several measures, it will be modelled how the others behave and the impact on the reduction of consumption / carbon footprint.


Apply up to October 1st