Intelligent management of sewerage and urban drainage systems

Sewerage management is an issue, often little known, but of vital importance for the proper functioning of a city and its resilience to heavy rainfall events, which are increasingly recurrent in the Mediterranean Sea area. In addition, intelligent management of sewerage networks guarantees the quality of the greywater that reaches the treatment plants, an issue that has a high impact on the regeneration of water for reuse. The availability of technology that enables advanced, predictive and optimised management makes it possible to increase the inspection capacities and therefore the preventive maintenance of the systems, and at the same time the real-time control tools make it possible to carry out management that minimises the impact on the correct functioning of the urban ecosystem and the natural environment in the event of certain episodes.

The challenge is to identify innovative technologies for the intelligent management of sewerage and urban drainage systems, which may mainly include:

a) autonomous inspection systems (reducing inspection risks as well as optimising and digitising the process)

b) continuous measurement systems at overflow and discharge points (TSS, microbiological parameters, quality control buoys, etc.)

c) systems for the detection of infiltrations into the network and determination of the nature of the infiltrated fluid


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